Sword of the Necromancer

Created by JanduSoft

Turn your foes into allies in this Dungeon Crawler Action RPG with Rogue-like elements

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Sword of the Necromancer gets a physical retail release!
about 1 month ago – Mon, May 10, 2021 at 08:36:45 PM

Grimorio of Games, JanduSoft and Tesura Games partner to release and distribute the physical edition of Sword of the Necromancer through physical retailers internationally. At the moment, the game will be distributed in several countries around Europe.

The game will come in two editions, Standard and Ultra Collectors, for Nintendo Switch or PS4 and including the latest DLC, this July.

These editions will be similar to the ones Kickstarter backers will get (although backers will get a Kicksarter exclusive extra, and also will probably get their copy before, depending on shipment times).

The Ultra Collectors edition includes:

  • Physical copy of the game (PS4/Nintendo Switch)
  • Full-color printed instruction booklet
  • Original Soundtrack CD
  • 200+ pages Artbook
  • 8 IR cards
  • Individually numbered collector’s certificate

If you didn't pledge for a physical copy and want yours, you can preorder both the standard and collector's edition at the Ultra Collectors site.

With this announcement we also reveal the game's boxart!

As you can see, it will be a rendition of the game's title screen in the style of the illustrations made by our artist Séan-Lee. We hope you like it!

Kind regards!

Free DLC Overview
about 2 months ago – Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 11:54:32 PM

The famous "locked door" at the right of the altar area hides the new Extra Modes!

Hi everyone!

With the DLC development in its final stage, it may be a good time to talk about what to expect from it and show you some screenshots and details.

How to play the Extra Modes

Once the free DLC is released (we will announce the exact date soon, but it is scheduled for June), if you have got the game's real ending, you will be able to unlock the door at the upper-right side of the Altar area.

Entering that door will take you to the Extras menu you can see above.

Here you will be able to choose the new modes and options: Challenge Mode, Colosseum Mode, Boss Rush Mode, Dungeon Builder and Item Shop.

All the extra modes can be played with a friend in co-op! Just plug in another controller and play together!

Challenge Mode

Revisit the base mode in this randomized challenge. In this new mode you will advance through the five floors of the dungeon as usual, but things will be different this time!

Encounter 10 new monsters!

You will encounter new enemies and bosses, and the bosses will not be in a fixed order. In addition to that, your foes will be tougher than usual and they will become even stronger as you get deeper in the dungeon, so prepare yourself!

This Challenge Mode uses the same rules as the base game except that no matter what, you must complete it from beginning to end in the same play session! You can still exit the dungeon and keep your items using Escape Rope or the teleportation circles (or dying if you set it in Game Settings).

Colosseum Mode

Show your might against hordes of enemies! Starting from level 1 and without any items, take on the waves of enemies and advance to the next level. Chain combos and make your combo meter grow, as it determines how much experience you will get and increase the probability of getting better items in the chests!

A random boss awaits you at the end! Do your best in the Colosseum levels to improve your odds at defeating it!

Boss Rush

Fight against 5 bosses without rest! Fight against tougher bosses (both old and new) in succession, with only what you can bring with you: Level up and gear up to face them!

New fearsome bosses await you!

As a prize for completing this mode, you may get your own "miniboss" to summon!

You can get one of the four original guardians by completing this mode

Dungeon Builder

Create or play custom dungeon floors! Create a floor layout, select its appearance, the enemies you want to appear and the boss at the end. You can even choose what items will appear in the chests and their properties, so you can set a challenge for yourself or for the others who play your Dungeon, as you will be able to share it with a simple text code!

Players will start at level 1 and will not retain what they get in this custom dungeon.

Item Shop

When completing one of the other modes, you will get Symbols that you can exchange for items in the Item Shop. The item offer will be the same for everyone playing the game that day, and changes every day. This is also an easy way to get all the weapon and relic types, needed for achievements.

Items in the shop will be better than usual, and also can be dismantled to get rare materials for the Forge!

Get new items everyday!


Complete the Extra modes to unlock a new chapter in the story!

We hope you have a good time with the new features and monsters in the game. We are currently performing the finishing touches to the DLC content before we send it to certification to make the Physical Editions (more info here).

Speaking of that...

Keep tuned! 

We have something cool to show you next week! And some great news!

And lastly...

 JanduSoft's new stuff!

Our friends at JanduSoft have released a new Kickstarter campaign, and this time it is for a BOARD GAME!

MiniQuest Adventures is a 1 to 4 player cooperative Dungeon Crawler game book

Take a look at the campaign video!

 The goal is set to $10000 (around 8000€), and you can support it here

Info about the status of DLC, Physical Editions and Physical Rewards
2 months ago – Sat, Apr 10, 2021 at 01:39:30 AM

Hi everyone!

We are posting this update to have all info about the Physical Editions and physical rewards in a more visible place. 

We have been communicating about the status of these in almost all of the updates since the campaign ended (for example this one from last December) but never as a standalone thing, so many backers who didn't read the updates (or didn't read them fully) kept asking us.

If you want a summary, skip the following text and go directly to the FAQs at the end of this post.

Before the campaign ended, many backers told us that, as we were going to release a DLC not long after the game's launch, it would be better to wait a bit and release that DLC bundled with the game in the physical edition. We thought it was a good idea and went with it. It's not something we have hidden and we told the backers about this shift very early on, in the Kickstarter Updates.

As you know, our initial plan was to deliver the digital game on November, but we decided to postpone the release until January 28th to avoid other big launches and the Holiday season. This ended playing in our favor, and even with some problems with the launch, the game benefitted from this extra time (you can see how here).

As this delay wasn't due to a development problem but a decision to maximise visibility, it didn't affect the development of the free DLC (or content update) we are currently developing, which includes the content that was added to the project as a result of the campaign's Stretch Goals and the backer monsters and bosses.

  • Extra monsters (+ backer designed monsters, Monster Edition pledge)
  • Extra bosses (+ backer designed bosses, Boss Edition pledge)
  • Colosseum Mode
  • Boss Rush Mode
  • Dungeon Builder Mode
  • Summonable "Main Mode" bosses

Plus a few more extra things that are not part of the Stretch Goals or backer-generated content.

As the physical edition will contain the DLC content, this DLC has to be finished before we send the ROM to be "printed". We are currently finishing the DLC and the production of the physical editions will begin next month.

Physical Editions will start to be sent on June 2021. Even if the DLC content will be ready before that, we will release the update alongside the physical editions as a closure to this project.

The rest of the physical rewards (cards, OST CDs, artbook, figurines, plushies) will be sent alongside the physical editions. The packaging and sending will be managed by ourselves and we will take our time to ensure everybody gets what they asked for, on a one-by-one basis. There are a lot of backers and a lot of reward combinations, so we will dedicate all of our time during the month of June to do this task.

As always (and especially during these times of pandemics and boats clogging up world trade routes), problems can arise and delays can happen. Rest assured that we will keep you informed of anything that could affect your rewards.


Why didn't I receive my physical copy yet?

Physical Editions will start to be sent on June 2021. The physical editions will contain the DLC content, and thus this content has to be finished to be included.

Why wait until the DLC is finished?

If we include the DLC inside the physical edition, you will get a full package that does not depend on a download to be "completed". That way in the future, when the digital store exists no more, you will still have the full game. This should be more valuable for collectors.

When will the other physical rewards be sent?

We will send the other physical rewards (cards, OST CDs, artbook, figurines, plushies) with the physical copies. We are going to manage all the packaging and sending by ourselves, to ensure everyone gets what they asked. There are a lot of backers and a lot of combinations, so that will take us a bit.

When will the DLC be released?

Despite the DLC will be ready on this month, it will be released on June to match the physical editions.

Will I have to pay for the DLC if I don't have a physical edition?

The DLC is a free content update for all Sword of the Necromancer players.

What does the DLC contain?

The DLC contains extra content result of the Stretch goals of this campaign. That is extra monsters and bosses, Colosseum mode, Boss Rush mode, Dungeon Builder mode, summonable "main mode" bosses (the ones you can fight in the base game) and a few more extras.

How can I get my digital rewards?

Enter http://sotn.backerkit.com with your Kickstarter email. If you have chosen your rewards already, they will appear in a section. If not, you will have to fill the survey and wait until your order is locked.

I have moved and I need to change my direction. How can I proceed?

Send a PM to JanduSoft (creator of this campaign) with your new details. If you plan to move again before June, wait until you have the final direction. We won't be responsible if you change direction whilst the package is on its way.

Speaking of Physical Editions

Also, our friends at JanduSoft (under the Ultra Collectors brand) together with Unfinished Pixel, have just announced Super Sports Blast's physical edition.

Super Sports Blast is a 3-in-1 package that includes Super Volleyball Blast, Super Tennis Blast and Super Soccer Blast, perfect for sports fans that are looking for arcade fun, and will be available only in the Ultra Collectors website starting on April 15th.

Limited to 1500 units, so if you are interested, don't miss this chance!

Sword of the Necromancer Launch Brief
4 months ago – Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 07:29:23 PM

Hello everyone

It has been almost 3 weeks since the game's launch. Now that things have settled up a bit, we think it is a good time to tell you about the launch and how the game is performing.

Launch was met with a lot of unexpected issues. In addition to the problem with North American Switch keys for backers (which was solved the day after launch, sorry for the delay), players found some critical bugs and problems on launch day. 

We want to apologize for that and justify ourselves a bit: we tested the game ourselves a lot, and even had the help of a good amount of backers who acted as beta-testers, but in the end we are a very small team (currently 5 people), and we can only test on a single platform (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One) at a time. On top of that, only the PC version could be tested by several people, as we only have one devkit for each console. So when suddenly literally thousands of people started to play the game, each and every one of them did in very different ways (some that we did not account for) which triggered these bugs and crashes.

We worked as fast as we could to fix these issues, and released several patches.

To date, almost all of the reported problems have been solved and the fixes are available in the latest updates in all platforms.

In fact, we have waited up until today to write this update because we wanted to have every console version with these fixes, withNintendo Switch being the last one yesterday

As you might know, releasing a game on a console is not as straightforward as in PC. Each console manufacturer (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) runs a series of tests to certificate the game adheres to the console's specifications, and patches are no exception. This is a process that is done completely on the console manufacturer's side, in which we don't have any control, and the time it takes depends on how heavy is their workload. We made the patches as soon as possible and sent them as they were finished testing on our side but, for example, the Switch patch that was accepted yesterday was sent 13 days ago.

Currently, Nintendo Switch is a patch behind the rest of versions, but the big issues have been fixed.

Game Reception and sales

Even with these issues, we are very happy with how the game has been received, specially by the players. Reviews on game sites are very polarized (ranging from as high as 93 to as low as 40), which was something that we expected due to the niche target that we aimed for.

Players (which is what matters to us) on the other hand have been mostly having fun and enjoying the game and its story, and we have received very good feedback in our Discord server and social media sites. We thank you for the kind comments and feedback and encourage you to leave us a good review on the game's store page and/or Metacritic (if you use it), that would help us a lot.

Game sales numbers during the first two weeks have been really good, and by now they are following the natural trend of declining to reach the "plateau". On platforms like Nintendo Switch, Sword of the Necromancer reached the Top 30 Digital-only games and stood there for a week in both the North American and European eShop (as high as the 24th position), surpassing the other games released on the same week. The game was also in the top positions on "New and Trending games" on Steam during its first week.

Those two platforms (Switch and Steam) are clearly the best performing for our game.

This is an outdated graphic made in the first week, lacking info from PS4 Europe sales. Switch sales got a boost after the game reached the Top 30

Sword of the Necromancer was highlighted by Nintendo in their last newsletter, alongside other great games like Cyber Shadow and Olija.

Sword of the Necromancer was one of the highlighted games by Nintendo in their latest Indie World newsletter for media

Game update

After receiving some feedback, we decided to include an Item Bag that stores up to 4 more items. Items stored in the Item Bag are not lost upon death (no matter your configuration in Game Settings) and may help players to train monsters or save good weapons for later runs. Items still need to be equipped in your main 4 slots to grant passive effects or be used.

This tries to fix one of the major complaints about the game: the reduced equipment size. 

We also included more options in Game Settings, so players can further customize their experience. You can even disable the new Item Bag if you want to play the game as it was originally.

Besides that, we have fixed several bugs, crashes and glitches, including one that could potentially lock the game from being playable when equipping a "Heart -X" item in the Altar.

We will keep on working to improve the game, adding more features and fixing all the issues we encounter.

Working on the DLC/free update

We are currently working on the DLC that will be available free of charge alongside the Physical Editions, around June. Remember that the Physical Editions will include this content inside the package, and that's why we decided to release them later.

The DLC will include new bosses, new game modes and a new Epilogue when you complete it.

Fan Art Contest

Finally, we are holding a Fan Art Contest on Twitter, participate to win one of the 5 OST CDs we are giving away!

Just upload a picture or video of your Fan Art to Twitter with the hashtags #SwordOfTheNecromancer #FanArt, and tag us (@GrimorioG) so we can see it.

You have until March 31st to submit your fanart, and then we will have the voting begin.

Kind regards!

Nintendo Switch - North American keys received!
5 months ago – Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 11:37:03 PM

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